From 2015 :: Missing In Action

No, that’s not a Jon Cypher film. That’s me. My apologies for not having done any updates for a while, but for the last little while my 91 year-old mother has been ill and I’ve had to focus all my attention on her. She’s doing much better now so I’m hoping to get back to work on getting more of Jon’s work from MAJOR DAD and HILL STREET BLUES. I still have some stills left to get into the gallery. These were rare stills from some of Jon’s film career and a couple from his television work. So please be patient while I get these things together.

From 2015 :: New Artwork Released on “Masters of the Universe” Reboot

Apparently there is some new artwork and some more information available on the new MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE reboot. Not much on casting, but if you’ll remember Jon played Duncan Man-At-Arms. There won’t be anyone better.


From 2004 :: Event Added

A lovely photo of Jon and his wife Carol attending an unknown event. Jon looks so dapper and handsome and Carol looks stunning in blue.

  • [001] EVENT IMAGE: 05/25/2004 – UNKNOWN EVENT

From 1987 :: “Masters of the Universe” Stills Updated Album

Another updated album for you. Another two stills from Jon’s work in the 1987 film MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE where he played the noble Duncan Man-At-Arms. The gifts just keep coming. Enjoy.



From 1971 :: “Valdez Is Coming” Stills Updated Album

I’ve three more HQ stills of Jon from his film debut as Frank Tanner in VALDEZ IS COMING. They’re of a higher resolution that what’s already in the album and thought they belonged here. Another shot of Jon’s upper chest and again, his first and only nude scene in a film.



From 2015 :: A Personal Thank You

I want to thank those of you who have visited the site and racked up over 100,000 views on the gallery. I couldn’t have hoped for this when I first started the site. I’m sure Jon would be happy to know his fans have not forgotten him. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I want to let you know that there will be more to come.