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“Major Dad” To Leave Netflix in September

“Major Dad” To Leave Netflix in September

Jon’s series MAJOR DAD is leaving Netflix as of September 1st. So if you have a subscription, watch all you can until then. Jon of course played the part of Brigadier General Marcus C. Craig, Camp Hollister’s fearsome leader. More below.

Classic Sitcom ‘Major Dad’ Leaving Netflix US in September 2022

After only a year, the classic sitcom comedy series Major Dad will leave Netflix in the United States.

Airing on CBS between 1989 and 1993, the show is often a forgotten classic when it comes to sitcoms.

The cast included Beverly Archer, Matt Mulhern, Jon Cypher, Marisa Ryan, Nicole Dubuc, and Chelsea Hertford. It was about a U.S. Marine finding his once-orderly life no longer entirely under his command after he marries a journalist and becomes stepdad to her daughters.

As we first reported back in August 2021, the show was headed to Netflix unexpectedly on September 1st. All four seasons consisting of 96 episodes have been available on the platform ever since.

Netflix added the series in its original 4:3 format so it didn’t receive any HD upgrades like Seinfeld did when it dropped on Hulu (and subsequently Netflix).

As you may know, Netflix has been slowly losing its collection of classic shows in recent years as distributors pull back their catalogs to fuel their own streaming services.

As it currently stands, Netflix is the exclusive streaming home of the show with no other streamer carrying it.

After leaving Netflix in full on September 1st, you’d think that there are only two candidates for where the show streams next. The most likely is Peacock, owned by Universal/Comcast who serve as the distributors or Paramount+ owned by CBS/Paramount given that CBS was the original network for the show.

The short-term license from Universal Television is in line with generally what we’ve seen with licensed TV shows in recent years.

Universal, in particular, has been licensing TV series to Netflix on short 1-year deals for quite some time. Good examples include Friday Night Lights and 30 Rock, both licensed to Netflix on short 1-year deals.

Why they’re doing this is likely two-fold. Firstly, it gets themselves some short-term money from Netflix and secondly, they’re playing the long game in getting people addicted to these shows to hopefully bring them over to their own streaming service, in this case, Peacock.

For more on what’s leaving Netflix, keep it locked right here on What’s on Netflix. We’ve listed Major Dad alongside all the currently known movies set to leave Netflix in September 2022 here.

Will you miss Major Dad when it leaves Netflix? Let us know in the comments.


New Media Section

New Media Section

I wanted to let you know there is a new media section for the site. This will house as much of Jon’s work as I can post given length and availability. So far it’s just his work from MAJOR DAD as Major General Marcus C. Craig and a trailer for MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE where he played Duncan, Man-at-Arms. To check that out please click on the image below or navigate to the menu on the top left of this site and click on the “Media” link.

From 1993 :: Press Scans Added – “Major Dad”

From 1993 :: Press Scans Added – “Major Dad”

I found an article on Jon’s show MAJOR DAD where stars Gerald McRaney (Major John D. McGillis), Matt Mulherne (Lieutenant Gene Halowachuck) and Beverly Archer (Gunnery SGT Alva Bricker) talk about the show. Interestingly there was a post on the now defunct IMDB message boards for the show where a lot of posters who said the show wasn’t following Marine protocols, particularly in the way the humor ran on the show. This article is from 1993 that marked the show’s fourth season. I’d pretty much say that if the Marines endorsed it, then it followed the Marine protocols faithfully. You can read the full text of the article in the press section at the link below. Click on the .


From 2015 :: Cypher Media Update

I have reuploaded some of the videos I had in the media section. They quality is now way better than they were the first time around. The ones that have been reuploaded are the ones of Jon as Eric Brandon in the four episode arc he did on the 1975 medical drama MARCUS WELBY M.D.. I have also started uplaoding some of Jon’s episodes of MAJOR DAD where Jon played the part of General Marcus C. Craig from 1990-1993. I’m just in the process of editing up more episodes but as with the others, will take some time to get into the site. So again I ask your understanding as I begin getting season one done. Thanks again for your patience.

From 1992/1993 :: “Major Dad” Season Four Complete

This makes the completion of Jon’s work in MAJOR DAD. This was the last season for the show. The beginning saw Jon confined to a wheel chair for the first seven episodes due to an accident he had on stage in Pittsburgh where rehearsals were underway for a performance of OLIVER where Jon played the part of Fagin. Though it didn’t seem to get in the way. Jon worked that thing like a pro. He used crutches for one more episode before being back to his old fit self. This season was highlighted by Craig’s shenanigans in the episode Night School where he and Mac McGillis (Gerald McRaney) were taking courses in business. In yet another Craig feeling as if he was getting old decided to undergo a face lift. The finale of the season saw Craig and Holowachuck (Matt Mulherne) leaving Camp Hollister for Washington DC to take up a post at the White House. After a bit of finagling, Craig returns to scoop up both McGillis and Gunny (Beverly Archer) to take them to DC with him. I would love to have seen what would have happened after that, but alas the Primetime Gods hate me. MAJOR DAD was cancelled.


From 1991-1992 :: “Major Dad” Season Three Complete

I’ve completed Jon’s episodes from season three of MAJOR DAD where Jon played the part of Commanding General Marcus C. Craig. One highlight of this season was episode nine General Unrest, notable because Craig had been kicked out of the house by Mimzy. Craig took up residence with the McGillis family “generally” making an ass out of himself. I’ve created a gif for the sidebar of one scene where Craig makes breakfast for the family. I can’t help but think of Jon from MAN OF LA MANCHA where Jon played the lead of Don Quixote. All in all a very good season for Jon with loads of funny moments. I won’t be putting individual links to each episode, rather, a general link to the entire season.