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As if you haven’t noticed JON CYPHER ONLINE has a new layout. I thought it was about time. I think the other one has been up for at least two or three years. I found this one and thought it would make it look more sophisticated and easy on the eyes. Please let me know how you feel about it as I personally love it. I’m still ironing out some of the glitches that are more behind-the-scenes things you won’t notice. I’m also hoping to update the Twitter account with something similar to this. Please take care and be safe.

3 Comments on “Jon Cypher Online New Layout”

  1. I just saw you on YouTube in an old episode of Circle of Fear (1973) with Shirley Knight. I enjoyed that episode! It was called “Legion of Demons”. : )

  2. Dear Mr. Cypher,

    I know that recently, Major Dad has been on Netflix. I just want you to know how happy my husband and I are about that, and, you’re vocals on season 2 ‘the possible dream’…sir, you were amazing!

    Your character …you did a fantastic job through the seasons!

    1. Lisa:

      I’m so glad you enjoy Jon’s work. I’m just a fansite, though Jon does know about it so he might see your comment. And yes, the vocals he did on “The Impossible Dream” were just divine. He played the part of Don Quixote in the musical MAN OF LA MANCHA after understudying the role.

      Thank you for your comment and for stopping by.


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