From 1992/1993 :: “Major Dad” Season Four Complete

This makes the completion of Jon’s work in MAJOR DAD. This was the last season for the show. The beginning saw Jon confined to a wheel chair for the first seven episodes due to an accident he had on stage in Pittsburgh where rehearsals were underway for a performance of OLIVER where Jon played the part of Fagin. Though it didn’t seem to get in the way. Jon worked that thing like a pro. He used crutches for one more episode before being back to his old fit self. This season was highlighted by Craig’s shenanigans in the episode Night School where he and Mac McGillis (Gerald McRaney) were taking courses in business. In yet another Craig feeling as if he was getting old decided to undergo a face lift. The finale of the season saw Craig and Holowachuck (Matt Mulherne) leaving Camp Hollister for Washington DC to take up a post at the White House. After a bit of finagling, Craig returns to scoop up both McGillis and Gunny (Beverly Archer) to take them to DC with him. I would love to have seen what would have happened after that, but alas the Primetime Gods hate me. MAJOR DAD was cancelled.


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  1. Jon was in more movies and shows, than I relized. I was a fan of his, in a few show;Major Dad, Bonanza, Hills Street Blues and the 1950’s version Of Cinderella, he was The prince;amount a host of other roles, I loved growing up.

    1. James:

      Thanks for stopping by and for your comments on Jon. Most of the things you mentioned were my favourite films and television shows from Jon’s career. I did not know about him in “Cinderella” until more recently, but now that I do…. The role of his I’d have to say that I first saw him in was likely “Food of the Gods” where he played Brian. I saw that before he began as Chief Daniels on “Hill Street Blues”. I also loved “Major Dad”. The addition of both he and Beverly Archer as Gunny just completed that show. I’d have to say though my favourite of all of Jon’s roles was as Major General Martin Goldman in “Tour of Duty”. I just adored that show and loved seeing Jon in it.

      Once again, thank you so much for leaving your comment. Jon does know about the site and will likely see it. I’m sure he’ll be delighted his fans still think of him with fondness.


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