From 1972 :: “Bonanza” – E13X24 A Place To Hide

Another blast from the past in terms of Jon’s episodic television roles. This time it’s from BONANZA where Jon played the part of a Confederate soldier name Col. Cody Ransom. The episode was about the Cartwrights coming to the aid of Jon’s character whose men had been fugitives after the Civil War has ended. The plot involved Washington’s desire to allow Ransom and his men to surrender themselves in order to go back to the lives they lived before the war erupted. A good performance by Jon and he looks so good in unifrom…but I think we all know that from both MAJOR DAD and of course MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE. This episode included a ten-year-old Jodie Foster as Jon’s daughter Bluebird. I couldn’t help but think of Jon’s real life daughter Rowan when I was watching this. Jon looked so natural with Foster and the hug was so sweet. This is one of Jon’s best performances from early in his career.


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