From 1987 :: “Masters of the Universe”

I’m trying hard to get some of Jon’s more known works up in the gallery, but after a week I’ve finally been able to get his work as Duncan, Man-At-Arms in the comic book film MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE done. I loved Jon in his film. He brought such a dignity and grace to the part that would otherwise be a static or your regular comic book fare. Jon reminded me of actor Chris Evans as his alter ego Steve Rogers/Captain America. I think in another time Jon could have played Rogers/Cap. Duncan and Cap share a lot of the same nobility in their need to do good. But I’m so glad to finally be adding this to the gallery. By the way, there is a wonderful article on Jon up at WWW.MOTUMOVIE.COM on the cover page I think you’d be interested in reading. It’s from October of last year, but it’s a really nice chat with Jon about making the film and about working with his various co-stars including Dolph Lungren (He-Man), Chelsea Field (Tela) and Billy Barty (Gwildor). The clickable image I’m going to use is from my favourite scene in the film. The one where Tela and Duncan find Gwildor enjoying some Earthbound delicacies. The scene is where Duncan is munching down on a rib bone. Enjoy.


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