From 1991 :: “Major Dad” Bloopers

I found this on Youtube and thought you’d love to see it. There is a video with a few of Jon’s MAJOR DAD bloopers. Jon played the part of Brigadier General Marcus C. Craig on the show for its final three seasons. I’ve been rewatching this show and found Jon’s humour so funny. How he delivered the lines so perfectly despite Matt Mulhern (Lt. Eugene Halowachuck) and Beverly Archer’s (Gunnery Sgt Alva Bricker) comedic timing…. I’d say these three were the stand outs for me during the show’s final seasons. I did watch it in the show’s first season but didn’t think it found its feet until the second and the additions of Archer and Jon. I have to say I adored Shanna Reed (Polly Cooper McGillis), Marisa Ryan (Elizabeth Cooper McGillis), Nicole Dubuc (Robin Cooper McGillis) and simply and totally loved Chelsea Hertford (Casey Cooper McGillis). I had begun watching the show due to having seen Gerald McRaney (Major John McGillis) on the show Simon and Simon. While I did like season one, having Jon added just made my watching of this show that much more perfect.


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