Happy Birthday Jon

Wishing my friend the happiest of days today. Jon turns a young 89 years today and I’m hoping he’s safe, and having a great day. Take care.

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    1. I got to meet Mr. Cypher When he was working on Major Dad. I was a Young Marine at the time, after viewing an episode being taped we stayed behind to meet the cast. I AM NOW 54. Mr. Cypher was a very kind man, he allowed me to take a photograph with him, we I got my film developed, unfortunately the pictures didn’t come out, the battery was dead. However it was a pleasure to have met him. I remember him telling us mimpsy was his real wife. Today I am rewatching Major Dad on Netflix. He really added to that show. Btw our unit attended the filming titled One for the road. After returning from the gulf war.

      1. Manny:

        First of all, thank you for stopping by and leaving such a great comment.

        I’m so sorry your pictures didn’t turn out. That was great you and Jon got to talk. I know for me I’ve been a fan of Jon’s since the 70s when he played Eric Brandon on MARCUS WELBY MD. I remember seeing Jon was going to be on MAJOR DAD and started watching in season two. I loved how Craig would talk about Mimsey and I did not know she was supposed to be Carol. That is so cool finding that out. And I’m so glad you were able to attend a taping after deployment.

        Thank you so much for your service and again, thank you for leaving your comment. I hope Jon sees it as he does know about this site and does check it out.


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