From 2015 :: Happy Birthday 2015 Jon

I’d like to wish Jon the happiest of days on this his 83rd birthday. I know he’s been feeling a bit under the weather so I’m hoping he makes a speedy recovery in time to spend a great day with those he loves, a good bottle of wine, and a ginormous cake. The creation features Jon from the Erasmus High School Yearbook 1949 when Jon was a ripe youngin’ of 17. Wasn’t he a hottie? He had dreamer’s eyes and here’s hoping he fulfilled all of his dreams and they keep coming true for him. Thank you Jon for your gracious spirit.

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    1. Mansidido:

      Thank you for stopping by and for your good wishes for Jon. I’ve moved your comment from the other post to this one so that it is under the right post. I hope you don’t mind?

      Take care and continue to visit the site.


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