FROM 1983 & 1987 :: “DYNASTY” STILLS

Happy New Year everyone and I hope your Christmas Holidays were the best ever. Mine were great and the New Year started off great for me. Thanks to everyone who has visited the site in the last year and here’s to a wonderful 2015. To start off the year, I have some stills of Jon from his work as Dirk E. Maurier from the ABC television soaper DYNASTY. I think it was great for Jon to have been able to be a part of three very successful series during the 80s. That he played three different characters on three different shows on three different networks was great for him. Those roles and series were; Dirk Maurier on ABC’s DYNASTY, Jeff Munson on CBS’s KNOTS LANDING and Chief Fletcher Daniels on NBC’s HILL STREET BLUES. I can’t think of any actor that had that kind of elasticity when moving between networks, yet Jon did it and created three distinctly different characters. Kudos to him.


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