From 1957 :: “Cinderella” The Search

In light of the new Kenneth Branagh version of CINDERELLA due out in theatres in March, I thought it might be time to take another trip down that staircase with the glass slipper and remember Jon in his role as Prince Christopher from the 1957 live televised airing of the Rodgers & Hammerstein musical of the same name. Though in the new version the part of the Prince is being played by Game of Thrones star Richard Madden. In this version the Prince has a new name. That is Kit. Can Richard compare to Jon? I think he’s my close second since no other can compare to Jon. The clip is the part where Christopher is in search of his princess and is all about to give up hope. Here Jon joins Dorothy Stickney in a reprise of Do I Love You Because You’re Beautiful. In the making of on the DVD, Jon tells of his flub up where he sang over Dorothy. You can tell he knew he’d done the unforgivable, though I will give him a pass because he’s Jon Cypher and he was just so earnest in his wanting to find his princess. And if that princess was Julie Andrews, wouldn’t you be?


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