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Welcome to MAVERICK JON CYPHER ONLINE @ an online resource to American actor Jon Cypher. Well known for his portrayal of Chief Fletcher P. Daniels on the 1982 NBC cop drama HILL STREET BLUES, as Major General Martin Goldman on the CBS Vietnam War drama TOUR OF DUTY and as General Marcus Craig on MAJOR DAD and as Duncan, Man at Arms in the film HE MAN & THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, as Brian in H. G. Wells' FOOD OF THE GODS, and as Prince Christopher in the live televised version of CINDERELLA starring Julie Andrews from 1957. Jon has a strong resume encompassing film, television and the stage. Although Jon is now retired I hope this site stands as a tribute to his talent.

I found an article on Jon’s show MAJOR DAD where stars Gerald McRaney (Major John D. McGillis), Matt Mulherne (Lieutenant Gene Halowachuck) and Beverly Archer (Gunnery SGT Alva Bricker) talk about the show. Interestingly there was a post on the now defunct IMDB message boards for the show where a lot of posters who said the show wasn’t following Marine protocols, particularly in the way the humor ran on the show. This article is from 1993 that marked the show’s fourth season. I’d pretty much say that if the Marines endorsed it, then it followed the Marine protocols faithfully. You can read the full text of the article in the press section at the link below. Click on the .


I found this on Youtube and thought you’d love to see it. There is a video with a few of Jon’s MAJOR DAD bloopers. Jon played the part of Brigadier General Marcus C. Craig on the show for its final three seasons. I’ve been rewatching this show and found Jon’s humour so funny. How he delivered the lines so perfectly despite Matt Mulhern (Lt. Eugene Halowachuck) and Beverly Archer’s (Gunnery Sgt Alva Bricker) comedic timing…. I’d say these three were the stand outs for me during the show’s final seasons. I did watch it in the show’s first season but didn’t think it found its feet until the second and the additions of Archer and Jon. I have to say I adored Shanna Reed (Polly Cooper McGillis), Marisa Ryan (Elizabeth Cooper McGillis), Nicole Dubuc (Robin Cooper McGillis) and simply and totally loved Chelsea Hertford (Casey Cooper McGillis). I had begun watching the show due to having seen Gerald McRaney (Major John McGillis) on the show Simon and Simon. While I did like season one, having Jon added just made my watching of this show that much more perfect.


WALKING TO THE WATERLINE is an excellent small film about all the missed opportunities we’ve all had in our lives. The film was written, produced, directed by and starring Jon’s MAJOR DAD co-star Matt Mulhern who played Lt. Eugene “Gene” Halowachuck. Jon plays the part of Fred Blumquist the neighbour of Matt’s deceased father. And this is the thing I found very interesting, the part was written for Jon and his character is one half of a gay couple! I’m so proud of Jon for his bravery to play such a character. Yes, I know that’s what acting is, however, there’s a stigma that attaches itself to any actor who plays gay. But Jon did it and did it well. This film is a little gem. It hits at all the things we wish we’d done and didn’t. All those things that as so-called “responsible” adults, we either forget or fail to remember as we get older. There’s another MAJOR DAD connection in the part of the real estate agent hired by Matt’s character to sell his father’s house. And who played her? None other than Gunnery Sergent Alva Bricker’s alter ego Beverly Archer. The other funny thing about this film is that Matt’s character is an out-of-work actor who once starred in a show called Anchor’s Away a sitcom about the Navy. One can’t help but notice the similarities between that show and the premise of MAJOR DAD only without Gerald McRaney. The film also stars Alan Ruck, Matthew Broderick, Hallie Foote, Hal Holbrook, Jim Fyfe and Michael Boatman. Personally I loved this film. What a refreshing piece of original filmmaking. Thanks Matt for creating such a film and for thinking of Jon. My apologies at the condition of the screencaps, but I had to rip from the disc to my harddrive, then convert the file for capping.

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