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The JON CYPHER ONLINE media section is divided up among all work Jon has done. Included are his episodic television work where he was either part of the main cast, or one off guest appearances. I’ve decided to split off his series work where he appeared for multiple seasons into individual seasons so they’re easier to find. Please check out the listings page Listings.

  • Jon Cyper [ Major Dad ]
    MAJOR DAD had already been on for one season when it was moved from its original network CBS to NBC where Jon was added to season two playing Major General Marcus C. Craig joining already existing cast members Gerald McRaney as Major John D. "Mac" MacGillis, Shanna Reed as Pollyanna Esther Cooper MacGillis, Marisa Ryan as Elizabeth Cooper MacGillis, Nicole Dubuc as Robin Cooper MacGillis, Chelsea Hertford as Casey Cooper MacGillis, Matt Mulhern as Lt. Eugene "Gene" Holowachuk, and with the addition of Beverly Archer as Alva "Gunny" Bricker. The show lasted for three more seasons on NBC.
  • Jon Cypher [ Dynasty ]
    Jon guest starred on ten episodes of the ABC night time soap DYNASTY as Dirk E. Maurier, the lawyer for seedy millionaire Peter De Vilbis (Helmut Berger).
  • Jon Cypher [ Hill Street Blues ]
    For seven years Jon played the part of Chief of Police Fletcher P. Daniels on the award winning NBC police drama HILL STREET BLUES. Here you'll find all clips of Jon in those episodes he did appear in.
  • Jon Cypher [ In Film ]
    John has appeared in many films. Here are various clips of his work including MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, VALDEZ IS COMING, FOOD OF THE GODS, THE KINGFISHER CAPER, THE MEMORY OF US, BLADE and others.
  • Jon Cypher [ In Television ]
    Jon has guest starred on many episodic television shows. Here are some of the individual shows he has appeared in. All other shows where he had more than two episodes have their own category.
  • Jon Cypher [ On Stage ]
    Jon has appeared in many theatre productions over his career. Included are MAN OF LA MANCHA, BIG, 1776, EVITA, SWEENEY TODD, COCO, 42nd STREET and many more. Here you will find clips or audio of his performances.

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