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Welcome to MAVERICK JON CYPHER ONLINE @ an online resource to American actor Jon Cypher. Well known for his portrayal of Chief Fletcher P. Daniels on the 1982 NBC cop drama HILL STREET BLUES, as Major General Martin Goldman on the CBS Vietnam War drama TOUR OF DUTY and as General Marcus Craig on MAJOR DAD and as Duncan, Man at Arms in the film HE MAN & THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, as Brian in H. G. Wells' FOOD OF THE GODS, and as Prince Christopher in the live televised version of CINDERELLA starring Julie Andrews from 1957. Jon has a strong resume encompassing film, television and the stage. Although Jon is now retired I hope this site stands as a tribute to his talent.

I wanted to let you know there is a new media section for the site. This will house as much of Jon’s work as I can post given length and availability. So far it’s just his work from MAJOR DAD as Major General Marcus C. Craig and a trailer for MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE where he played Duncan, Man-at-Arms. To check that out please click on the image below or navigate to the menu on the top left of this site and click on the “Media” link.

DYNASTY the complete box set will finally be available to purchase on October 10 and will contain all original 217 episodes. As you might know Jon played the part of Dirk Maurier, one of Alexis Carrington Colby’s (Joan Collins) suitors. Jon appeared in ten episodes from seasons four and seven. While it is being released on DVD, no word of a blu-ray treatment. Here’s hoping, at least, the transfers are good and there’s no artifact lost. Most of the copies I know of that are out there are really bad VHS versions from airings on the old Soap Channel, or other channels. The box set will be available on Amazon for pre-order. Click on the box set graphic below to go to Amazon.

I found an article on Jon’s show MAJOR DAD where stars Gerald McRaney (Major John D. McGillis), Matt Mulherne (Lieutenant Gene Halowachuck) and Beverly Archer (Gunnery SGT Alva Bricker) talk about the show. Interestingly there was a post on the now defunct IMDB message boards for the show where a lot of posters who said the show wasn’t following Marine protocols, particularly in the way the humor ran on the show. This article is from 1993 that marked the show’s fourth season. I’d pretty much say that if the Marines endorsed it, then it followed the Marine protocols faithfully. You can read the full text of the article in the press section at the link below. Click on the .


I have reuploaded some of the videos I had in the media section. They quality is now way better than they were the first time around. The ones that have been reuploaded are the ones of Jon as Eric Brandon in the four episode arc he did on the 1975 medical drama MARCUS WELBY M.D.. I have also started uplaoding some of Jon’s episodes of MAJOR DAD where Jon played the part of General Marcus C. Craig from 1990-1993. I’m just in the process of editing up more episodes but as with the others, will take some time to get into the site. So again I ask your understanding as I begin getting season one done. Thanks again for your patience.

Just wanted to let you know that CYPHER MEDIA is now online. All the bugs have been worked out. So far there aren’t too many videos up, only Jon’s four episode arc on MARCUS WELBY MD as architect Eric Brandon and his episode of McMILLAN & WIFE The Face of Death where he played John Thomas Clark, the mobile artist. I’m right now working on clipping up some of Jon’s other work, so please keep an eye on this space for that. In meantime, feel free to hop on over to the media site by clicking the clapperboard below.

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I’ve been working on a media archive for the site of Jon’s work. So far I’ve been having all kinds of issues with it and no solutions as to the reasons why the installation is not working out. I’ll have a link to it when I finally get it working properly. I’m really bummed at the reasons why the script I’m using isn’t working because I’ve set a few of these up for other sites I have. I’ll keep knocking my ole head against that proverbial brick wall to get the thing up and running though. I think what I need is Chief Daniels to come in and give me a verbal lashing.

I just found this on Youtube. It’s an Emmy retrospective on HILL STREET BLUES from 1987, the year the show ended its run. Jon of course played the part of the pompous and somewhat bellicose Chief of Police Fletcher P. Daniels for the entire run of the series. There is one shot of Jon in the video. Daniels gets hit by series regular Dennis Franz who played the part of Lt. Norman Buntz. I might say that Jon took that punch pretty good. Here’s the video.

A fun treat for you this time. Here Jon plays the part of Russell Evans on the romantic series THE LOVE BOAT‘s third season. His character is the sea-faring date of fellow traveler Barbara Rush. Jon has a few scenes included in the screencaps. I’d have to say his character is an out and out cad. He’s a person who goes on cruises to meet women and seduce them. The problem is Evans is already married with a child back in Los Angeles. Say it ain’t so Jon! There is a shirtless scene and may I say Jon looks yummy.


I was finally able to record Jon’s four episodes of MARCUS WELBY M.D. from my PVR onto my computer. A station where I live was playing the show from beginning to end and I waited for what seemed like forever for Jon’s four episode arc to come on in season seven. And they’re finally here. Jon played the part of Eric Brandon, a brash architect who was a long time love of the show’s newcomer Janet Blake played by Pamela Hensley. Hensley was brought on as a love interest for regular Dr. Steve Kiley played by actor James Brolin. I loved this character. Jon is quite good in it despite the rather laughable fake beard they gave him. Why oh why cover that beautiful face and skin? Those eyes though are just stunningly blue though. My take on the beard though might have to do with making Kiley/Brolin more attractive, giving him a leg up as far as Janet’s affections. However, the episodes are rife with both Brandon and Kiley pissing all over poor Janet, as if she doesn’t know what she wants or who she wants. Which stands in total contradiction to her character of Queen Ardala on the show Buck Rogers she appeared in later. Now I’m not sure about you but for me there would be no contest. While I’m sure James Brolin is both attractive and a catch for Barbra Streisand, I’ll take Jon Cypher over Brolin hands down. These episode screencaps go along with the stills I posted some time ago here.



Today I have what is probably my favourite role of Jon’s. There was a series in the late 80s called TOUR OF DUTY about the lives of grunt soldiers during the Vietnam War (1945-1975). Jon played the part of Major General Martin Goldman, the father of one of the leads named Lieutenant Myron Goldman played by Stephen Caffrey. Jon’s two episodes were in the first and third seasons. In season one’s Blood Brothers Goldman Sr. arrives at Firebase Ladybird to check up on Bravo Company’s grip. Namely how they’re doing in the field and their kill ratio. Father and son have unresolved feelings dating back to the suicide of Martin’s wife and Myron’s mother. There is also a subplot regarding a drug running ring in Saigon where one of Myron’s men is reported missing. Martin goes along with Myron and sees things aren’t as by-the-book as things were during Martin’s time in both World War II and in Korea. In season three”s I Am What I Am, Goldman Sr. is back in Saigon to see Myron again, this time to tell his son he has very little time to live due to lung Cancer. After some tense moments where both Martin and Myron share some very personal feelings regarding the wife/mother, Martin bids adieu to his son but not before giving Myron the Medal Of Honour Martin won for his bravery during the Battle of the Bulge during World War Two. In the next episode it’s revealed that Martin succumbed to his illness sending Myron Stateside to see to his father’s final wishes. I loved the show to begin with, however, Jon’s two episodes are the high point of the series three year run. I just loved Jon in this role.


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