We’re Back With An Update

I’m so sorry for the long time without an update or anything new. The site was hacked and hacked well. It took me a while to get everything cleaned up and also I’ve moved the site to another host. The one I had it on didn’t provide any way to protect the files and more or less blamed me for not having better protection. If like on my new host they’d give us their clients the ability to protect our sites via their backend, I wouldn’t have had this issue. Ah well. C’est la vie. I’ve also updated a couple of albums in the gallery with some screencaps I forgot. I’ve also added the final episodes of DYNASTY Jon appeared in as Dirk E. Maurier. They are now up in the media section. You can see those if you click on the Media link in the top menu bar. So that’s it for now. I’ve been collecting more of Jon’s work so I’m hoping now we’re on the new host with a lot more room to breath, I can start uploading again.

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