Some New Things Coming …..

I wanted to let you know JON CYPHER ONLINE has a new Twitter account. I decided it was time. Most fansites have both Twitter and Facebook accounts, however, I thought a Facebook was unnecessary. The Twitter account will hopefully keep Jon’s fans up-to-date on the site’s status and new posts. So if you want to follow us please check out the link in the sidebar. Another thing I’m hoping to get up and working soon is a media section for Jon’s work. I had another set up on a Youtube clone-like site, but the hosting was getting way too expensive. Fortunately the webdesigner gods have smiled and all is not lost. More to come on that. And lastly, I’m hoping to get more things up in the press section. I was fortunate to have access to an archive with a lot of articles on Jon from the span of his career. So please look for that coming soon.

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