From 1988/1989 :: “Tour of Duty” Screencaps

Today I have what is probably my favourite role of Jon’s. There was a series in the late 80s called TOUR OF DUTY about the lives of grunt soldiers during the Vietnam War (1945-1975). Jon played the part of Major General Martin Goldman, the father of one of the leads named Lieutenant Myron Goldman played by Stephen Caffrey. Jon’s two episodes were in the first and third seasons. In season one’s Blood Brothers Goldman Sr. arrives at Firebase Ladybird to check up on Bravo Company’s grip. Namely how they’re doing in the field and their kill ratio. Father and son have unresolved feelings dating back to the suicide of Martin’s wife and Myron’s mother. There is also a subplot regarding a drug running ring in Saigon where one of Myron’s men is reported missing. Martin goes along with Myron and sees things aren’t as by-the-book as things were during Martin’s time in both World War II and in Korea. In season three”s I Am What I Am, Goldman Sr. is back in Saigon to see Myron again, this time to tell his son he has very little time to live due to lung Cancer. After some tense moments where both Martin and Myron share some very personal feelings regarding the wife/mother, Martin bids adieu to his son but not before giving Myron the Medal Of Honour Martin won for his bravery during the Battle of the Bulge during World War Two. In the next episode it’s revealed that Martin succumbed to his illness sending Myron Stateside to see to his father’s final wishes. I loved the show to begin with, however, Jon’s two episodes are the high point of the series three year run. I just loved Jon in this role.


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  1. Dear Jon. My name is Mario. My dad was Shev. My ” step – mother” is Alice. I’m reaching out in order to day “Hi”. I met you during La Mancha. I was a child. My e-mail is Respond if you want. I’d love to speak with you. Mario

    1. Mario:

      Jon does know about this site and checks in periodically. He might see your comment and reply.

      Take care and thanks for dropping by.


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