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Welcome to MAVERICK JON CYPHER ONLINE @ an online resource to American actor Jon Cypher. Well known for his portrayal of Chief Fletcher P. Daniels on the 1982 NBC cop drama HILL STREET BLUES, as Major General Martin Goldman on the CBS Vietnam War drama TOUR OF DUTY and as General Marcus Craig on MAJOR DAD and as Duncan, Man at Arms in the film HE MAN & THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, as Brian in H. G. Wells' FOOD OF THE GODS, and as Prince Christopher in the live televised version of CINDERELLA starring Julie Andrews from 1957. Jon has a strong resume encompassing film, television and the stage. Although Jon is now retired I hope this site stands as a tribute to his talent.

I wanted to let you know there is a new media section for the site. This will house as much of Jon’s work as I can post given length and availability. So far it’s just his work from MAJOR DAD as Major General Marcus C. Craig and a trailer for MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE where he played Duncan, Man-at-Arms. To check that out please click on the image below or navigate to the menu on the top left of this site and click on the “Media” link.

Apparently the reboot of MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE is finally nailed a writer. His name is Christopher Yost who was the writer on Thor: The Dark World in the Marvel Universe. This might not be too bad. Yost says that MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE is all about combining science with magic. I can certainly agree with that. If anyone saw Thor: The Dark World, it certainly mixed the two together effortlessly. Threw in some alchemy as well. I still don’t know how I feel about this. While I understand what those in the video are saying particularly Kristian Harloff, part of the duet known as The SchmoesKnow, who has been with the project for a time, I still will miss Jon as our own Duncan, Man-At-Arms. I loved his portrayal. So dedicated and loyal to both He-Man (Dolph Lundgren) and his daughter Teala (Chelsea Field), but also to the cause of keeping Eternia free and without Skeletor’s (Frank Langella) evilness. Sometimes things just shouldn’t be.


Apparently there is some new artwork and some more information available on the new MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE reboot. Not much on casting, but if you’ll remember Jon played Duncan Man-At-Arms. There won’t be anyone better.


Another updated album for you. Another two stills from Jon’s work in the 1987 film MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE where he played the noble Duncan Man-At-Arms. The gifts just keep coming. Enjoy.



A rare find. I was able to get a hold of these scans from an issue of Starlog Issue #122. The article goes inside the making of the film with some focus in on the process it took to get the film to screen. Jon is mentioned and there are some images included.



There is a finished script for the new version of the MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE reboot. Apparently the new film might follow in line with the cartoon series of the same name and not Jon’s 1987 film. AMC Theatre News has this on the new film. For me, there will by only one Duncan Man-At-Arms, and that is Jon. I know, “Reboots are done all the time,” but I still think the one with Jon is the best. Jon starred with Dolph Lundgren, Frank Langella, Meg Foster, Chelsea Field, Robert Duncan McNeill and our Jon Cypher.


I was able to get a hold of four more stills from Jon’s film MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE where Jon played the part of Duncan, Man-At-Arms. Please enjoy.



I’m trying hard to get some of Jon’s more known works up in the gallery, but after a week I’ve finally been able to get his work as Duncan, Man-At-Arms in the comic book film MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE done. I loved Jon in his film. He brought such a dignity and grace to the part that would otherwise be a static or your regular comic book fare. Jon reminded me of actor Chris Evans as his alter ego Steve Rogers/Captain America. I think in another time Jon could have played Rogers/Cap. Duncan and Cap share a lot of the same nobility in their need to do good. But I’m so glad to finally be adding this to the gallery. By the way, there is a wonderful article on Jon up at WWW.MOTUMOVIE.COM on the cover page I think you’d be interested in reading. It’s from October of last year, but it’s a really nice chat with Jon about making the film and about working with his various co-stars including Dolph Lungren (He-Man), Chelsea Field (Tela) and Billy Barty (Gwildor). The clickable image I’m going to use is from my favourite scene in the film. The one where Tela and Duncan find Gwildor enjoying some Earthbound delicacies. The scene is where Duncan is munching down on a rib bone. Enjoy.


I just found out that there might be a reboot in the making for MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE. As most of you remember Jon played the part of Duncan, Man-At-Arms in the 1987 film also starring Dolph Lungren, Frank Langella, Chelsea Field, Meg Foster, Billy Barty, Robert Duncan McNeill, Christina Pickles, and someone else whose name I cannot remember…. Anyway, here’s a video from the Youtube show AMC Theatres Mail Bag talking about the possibility.


Another blast from the past in terms of Jon’s episodic television roles. This time it’s from BONANZA where Jon played the part of a Confederate soldier name Col. Cody Ransom. The episode was about the Cartwrights coming to the aid of Jon’s character whose men had been fugitives after the Civil War has ended. The plot involved Washington’s desire to allow Ransom and his men to surrender themselves in order to go back to the lives they lived before the war erupted. A good performance by Jon and he looks so good in unifrom…but I think we all know that from both MAJOR DAD and of course MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE. This episode included a ten-year-old Jodie Foster as Jon’s daughter Bluebird. I couldn’t help but think of Jon’s real life daughter Rowan when I was watching this. Jon looked so natural with Foster and the hug was so sweet. This is one of Jon’s best performances from early in his career.


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