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Welcome to MAVERICK JON CYPHER ONLINE @ an online resource to American actor Jon Cypher. Well known for his portrayal of Chief Fletcher P. Daniels on the 1982 NBC cop drama HILL STREET BLUES, as Major General Martin Goldman on the CBS Vietnam War drama TOUR OF DUTY and as General Marcus Craig on MAJOR DAD and as Duncan, Man at Arms in the film HE MAN & THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, as Brian in H. G. Wells' FOOD OF THE GODS, and as Prince Christopher in the live televised version of CINDERELLA starring Julie Andrews from 1957. Jon has a strong resume encompassing film, television and the stage. Although Jon is now retired I hope this site stands as a tribute to his talent.
03/27/1989 – Monday In Hollywood

Monday In Hollywood

27 March, 1989   |   Written by Danis Monette

Jon Cypher The Happy Life of the Solitary

“He waived his right to to give oneself body and Ante has his acting career.

When a man decides to do his own job, Jon Cypher’s life is unlikely to happen. He humbly confesses his 57th birthday and has long been the daughter of Oriels in Hill S Blues. He thought that he would have a miser® to be found and another year later, he would enter the [surgery for the besotns of the series “Santa Barb who obtains a smashing succes in Europe for ^ Senteni More known to us for his role in “Hill Street Blues” Jon Cypher tells his story a bit and starts by saying that he is a native of Brooklyn, New York. Korea, he enlisted and traveled to Fort Texas with his foreign language skills. At that time, he was a singer and was destined for the opera. Not the voice for the first roles.This abandonment has not been total, since we were able to see you in musical comedies including “Evita.” He confesses to singing incessantly, even on the plateaus of turning. He sings to the point … that he is silenced, First and foremost an actor, he reached a certain notoriety, for six aos, the infamous “chief Daniels” made speak many people , He has already received 23 Emmy Awards for “Hill Street Blues” and is expecting to receive as much for his role in “Santa Barbara.” He is a television star, but he knows very well that The war between the two media is likely to be unfavorable.Marker, very discreet about his private life, Jon Cypher opens his door which lets us glimpse an interior in which he probably lives Eul, while savoring that one appeals, .. happiness well has soil

1) Jon Cypher, a simple man and fighter-song.

2) In its greenhouse where it grows exotic plants.

3) A very well organized kitchen, is not it?

4) The office in which he / she listens to his / her professional life.

5) A lounge where he / she edits his / her dog,

6) A huge stone fireplace and a souvenir.

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